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Six-Word Memoirs

Posted on 2008.02.14 at 23:11
Boing Boing posted an entry today about a new book, Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs, and challenged its readers to post their own. 

Mine was: Two careers so far, still time.


Procrastination Haiku

Posted on 2006.12.14 at 14:53
Inspired by a friend (okay, ripping off a friend's idea), I've written a few haiku to reflect my current activities and mood.

Can't write worth a damn.
Maybe haiku will help me...
Yes! I wrote something.

Typing, I hear some
birds chirping, children playing.
Close that damn window.

One page written, but
double spaced, one becomes two.
Total jibberish.

A bath would be nice.
Relaxing and cleansing, but
not until break time.

Haiku does not help
with semiotics papers.

I think that's my signal to stop.